Vehicles have become a part of our daily life. Whether they have two wheels or four, they’re everywhere…and so are accidents, which is why the appropriate auto insurance is so important.

At Premier NW Insurance, we have something for just about any vehicle on (or off) the road. We offer coverage for your:

Cars and Trucks
Travel Trailers
Classic Cars

What is Auto Insurance?

Your auto insurance doesn’t just provide protection for your vehicle. It protects you, your passengers and the other drivers on the road as well. Many options are available to customize your insurance to fit your needs. A basic policy provides coverage for:

Liability for damages incurred by others if you cause an accident
Permissive Use Coverage for when you lend your vehicle to other drivers
Personal Injury Protection if you or your passengers are injured
Uninsured Motorists in case of hit-and-run or if you’re struck by someone without insurance
Underinsured Motorists if you’re struck by someone with inadequate liability

Optional Coverages

There are many options available to customize your auto insurance. At Premier NW Insurance, your agent will discuss your specific needs to help you find the policy that best fits you. Optional coverages include:

Comprehensive and Collision provide physical damage coverage for your vehicle to repair or replace it in case of an at-fault accident
Gap Coverage for newly purchased vehicles
Rental Car
Roadside Assistance
Business Use
Custom Equipment
Package Credits
Options available for young drivers and drivers with tickets/accidents

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