Board of Directors approves a $130 million total dividend; checks to be mailed to approximately 43,000 employers in October.

September 18, 2013

Salem, OR – SAIF Corporation’s Board of Directors today declared a $130 million dividend for approximately 43,000 current and former customers.

Customers with policies that ended in 2012 are eligible for the dividend. Individual dividend information will be available to employers through SAIF’s website,, beginning October 11. Checks will be mailed to eligible SAIF policyholders during October.

“SAIF is able to pay this dividend because of solid investment returns and continued success in managing workplace safety and controlling losses,” said President and Chief Executive Officer Brenda Rocklin.

“The first priority of SAIF Corporation’s Board of Directors is to ensure that SAIF can meet its financial obligations to injured workers and their dependents,” said Cathy Travis, chair of SAIF’s board. “We reviewed current audit reports, which confirm that we can declare this $130 million policyholder dividend and safeguard the funds we need to pay injured worker benefits.”

SAIF Corporation is Oregon’s not-for-profit, state-chartered workers’ compensation insurance company. SAIF has been doing business for 99 years and is the leading workers’ compensation insurance provider in Oregon.